Facebook and Unity converge to create a new PC gaming platform

Unity has become an extremely popular choice for video game creators as it makes the process much easier. Now Facebook, one of the world’s leading social media entities seems to be keen on making their mark in the world of gaming as it has extended its deal with Unity. According to a press release from Facebook, Unity is working on an “all-new PC gaming platform”, which seemingly will pretty much be restricted to developers who are willing create games just for Facebook. With that in place, Unity is also looking forward to new distribution models which would allow users to publish their games directly on the site. The platform would thus make it easier for developers to export and publish their games from Unity to Facebook. Facebook games“This will allow Unity developers to quickly deliver their games to the more than 650 million players who enjoy playing Facebook-connected games every month,” a statement on Facebook’s developer website reads. While it has not yet been hinted if the company plans to sell non-Unity games through the platform, the platform is already in a closed-alpha phase and is available to some of the prominent Facebook game developers. The company indicated that it will open doors to more developers as they keep updating the engine, although no dates have been mentioned yet. The integration will only be working with titles using Unity 5.4 and above. Facebook seems to be leaning towards the gaming market as it recently unveiled its deal with famed game developer Blizzard Entertainment. The deal allows players of Blizzard games to stream their game live on Facebook directly, that is without any third-party streaming platform. Players can simply log in to Blizzard’s Battle.net client with their Facebook credentials and stream games.