European Squad Team Liquid wins The International Dota 2 championship 2017

As esports pushes further into the mainstream, the most famed tournament concluded its seventh edition. Covered by a lot of mainstream publications the tournament took place in Seattle, USA, with the best teams from the world went in to compete in Valve’s annual The International (TI) Dota 2 championship. Sporting a whopping prize pool of $24 million this year, the tournament has been bringing in a lot of attention from around the globe with the prize pool surging upwards since its inception with $1 million prize pool. The final match was between European esports squad Team Liquid and Team Newbee from China. Team Liquid swept in the tides of the final in their favour with a three to zero clean sweep in a best of five series. This was the first time that a team has won three to zero in the grand finals in the seven years of TI. The team would be taking of a major chunk of the prize money home, $10,806,301 to be precise. Lead by long time veteran and seven times TI competitor, Kuro “Kuroky” Takhasomi, Team Liquid’s journey through this TI was full of ups and downs. The team was pushed to the lower brackets where they won the finals against LGD.Forever Young. Team Liquid showed exemplary performance in the grand finals and will now have their names etched in the TI’s aegis forever.