ESL India Premiership: The fate of ‘Dota 2’ hangs in the balance

Dota 2 was one of the earliest game along with Counter Strike to flourish in the Indian esports ecosystem. From the early days more than a decade back, the game has dominated almost every tournament. From small-scale cafe ones to the recent biggies, the game has been all around. However, the recent events rather paint a different picture of the fate of the game in the country. Recently, one of the most prominent Dota 2 teams in the country, Global Esports, disbanded citing viewership reasons. However, the future might be even more grim. ESL India Premiership is undoubtedly the event that has consistently given platforms to players for multiple seasons. Even though the Winter split this time has Dota 2, it might be dropped from the upcoming seasons. The organisers said that they really want the game to survive and flourish as it has been there since the beginning and it will not be easy to replace the title with another. However, as the viewership in the country declines, the organisers informed that they will look further into the viewership and other factors of the Winter Split and make a final call on what is to be done further. Till then we do not know if we will see the title in the coming ESL editions.