Epica Electronics to launch revolutionary glass free 3D gadgets

As a part of promoting 3D electronic products, UAE-based Epica Electronics has chalked out ambitious plans to roll out top-notch, innovative electronic products at affordable rates in India and Middle East. Epica Electronics will launch India’s first celebrity edition in consumer electronics segment (TV, Mobile, Tablet equipped with high end features and sophisticated applications) at Indywood Film Carnival-2017, one of the largest film-based events in the country from December 1 to 4 at Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad. The USP of the products is 3D visuals, movies, games etc can be played without glasses. The move by Epica Electronics to launch revolutionary glass free 3D gadgets will be a game changer in 3D consumer electronics sector. Initially, the company will target India and Middle East. Later the company will expand its operations to Africa and Sri Lanka by April 2018, by that time 3D recording enabled devices will also be ready. Epica Electronics, a pioneer in 2D and 3D animation and visual effects, will be introducing 3D products in the electronics market in collaboration with leading technology companies based in Europe and the US. In a significant move, Epica has roped in KPMG, a major provider of advisory services, for framing the strategies in India.