Epic Games rolls out deals and discounts for Christmas

The Epic Games  Store is back with christmas deals with good discounts on recent high profile games, an outstanding free game and a coupon deal that keeps on giving starting from 19 December  to  1 January. This includes award contenders which includes The Outer Worlds (25 per cent discount) and Control (33 per cent). a $10 coupon that can be rolled into more $10 coupons when used on eligible games, and, as announced last week, the first of 12 free games that will be given out one per day until the end of the month. The coupon is an interesting twist: It’s basically an automatic $10 deduction on your first purchase of $15 or more during the sale, but when you use it on an eligible game (the FAQ states that it can’t be applied to pre-purchases, non-game purchases like DLC or season passes, or in-game purchases such as V-Bucks) you’ll get another $10 coupon that you can use on another game—and if that one is also eligible, boom, another coupon comes your way. It’s basically an across-the-top $10 cut for everyone, but gamified, sort of. Some other games with attractive Holiday Sale discounts include Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (17 per cent), Red Dead Redemption 2 (20 per cent) and Borderlands 3 (35 per cent). The deal on Fallen Order is surprising seeing that it only released a little more than a month ago. The Holiday Sale also includes a free game every day for 12 days and the first one is a stone-cold winner. Into the Breach is a challenging strategy game that offers tactical depth in a small 8×8 space.