Eccentric Engine joins forces with Citroën India to offer captivating realtime 3D product visualization

3D product visualisation

In a triumph of the craft of animation and visual effects, realtime 3D visualisation has opened up many avenues across various sectors ranging from retail to healthcare to automobile industry. In current circumstances caused by the pandemic, where showroom visits are limited, the new virtual 3D e-commerce trends are encouraging and testify the significance of this cutting-edge digital interface.

Recently, technology incubator and product visualization company, Eccentric Engine, partnered with leading French automobile company, Citroën, to provide next-level immersive and interactive experience for its newly launched Citroën C5 Aircross SUV in India.

The proprietary, algorithm based, One 3D Visualization Platform by Eccentric Engine is seamlessly integrated at both online and in-dealerships touchpoints to provide a superior product experience by means of real-time 3D visualization. The latest technology upgrades of the One 3D leverages ‘Photorealism’ to render vehicle visuals in a realistic and captivating way, making the experience a first-of-its-kind in the Indian and global automotive industry.

The 3D Configurator, which is engaging customers right from the start, resides on the company’s’ website and offers a cinematic experience of the Citroën Advanced Comfort Program, class-leading product features and exciting accessories options to bring alive a true ATAWADAC experience for its customers.     

Citroën India brand head Saurabh Vatsa said, “We are excited with the customer response to the High Definition 3D Configurator developed by Eccentric Engine. This extremely realistic visualisation experience ties up very well with our brand ethos of Citroën 360-degree Comfort to enhance the overall customer journey through our AnyTime AnyWhere AnyDevice AnyContent [ATAWADAC] strategy. While the new C5 Aircross SUV is our first vehicle to adapt this technology, our continuous endeavour will be to provide Indian customers unique and ingenious experiences across our brands, reiterating our commitment to be the digital reference in the Indian automotive industry.”

Excited about the new collaboration, Eccentric Engine co-founder and CEO Varun Shah said, “We are excited to partner with Citroën and contribute to their digital journey as they mark their debut in India. While developing Photorealistic CGI Images has been a common practice in the automotive Industry, with the new Citroën C5 Aircross SUV, we have democratized Photorealistic 3D Visualization for the Internet. This is first in the Industry not only in India, but across the world. The latest update takes vehicle exploration to a whole new level.”

Within a three-month launch of the 3D Configurator on the company website, the web engagement grew manifold, setting new benchmarks. More than 250,000 people from multiple Indian cities such as Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai were hooked online to explore the C5 Aircross SUV in 3D from the comfort of their own homes.      

Besides online, showrooms are being prepped with personalized 1:1 Experience Zones that has been set up at all La Maison Citroën dealerships across India to ensure a seamless 3D experience with specially trained staff to exhibit the 3D Configurator to accentuate the user experience with the power of One 3D Visualization. 

Citroën customers will be ‘Phygitally’ up-and-close and immersed as:

·         The materials, textures and elements used in the vehicle are authentic and give an account of the real car

·         The lighting, shadows and reflections give an added sense of realism

·         Citroën Advanced Comfort Program is explained immersive with interactive demonstration of differentiated features

·         Multiple product variants and trims can be seen back-to-back in 3-Dimensional

·         Accessories can be easily overlaid, previewed in real time to aid decision making to book their preferred choice, removing ambiguity and ensuring customers get what they see and desire.

In the times when movement is restricted and economy is dwindling, animation and visual effects are coming to the rescue and driving up the sales like never before!