DreamWorksTV and Kraft Heinz collaborate for animated series ‘The JELL-O Wobz’

Aiding the new JELL-O Play line of edible toys, the Kraft Heinz gelatin snack brand has partnered with DreamWorksTV to launch a new animated series titled The JELL-O Wobz, on YouTube and Amazon Prime Video. The JELL-O Wobz (possibly six episodes of four minutes each) revolves around Wobz, a group of lovable JELL-O characters, cast from humble kitchen objects who take on their adventures through a fantastical kitchen world. The show’s protagonist, Bucket, is accidentally brought to life when JELL-O powder gets knocked into a bucket and mixes with a variety of leftover kitchen junk. He meets a variety of other JELL-O characters, each cast from a different shape that reflects their unique personalities. Meg, made from a measuring cup, tends to be a bit of a perfectionist, while Walter, created from a surgical glove with the thumb cut off, must overcome his fear of making mistakes. Bucket and his new friends through different adventures inspired by real-world situations in which people confront and embrace imperfection, from accepting your physical appearance to admitting your own mistakes. While the cartoon’s visuals are playful and filled with humor, the message resonates with both parents and kids — and follows the JELL-O Play goals of encouraging free play and fun. “Today’s parents and kids feel more pressure than ever before, and yet families spend less time talking about important issues like self-acceptance. As a brand whose values center on family bonding and free play, we wanted to create a show to foster this important dialogue,” Marketing and Sales Lead of Springboard (the new Kraft Heinz platform dedicated to nurturing, scaling, and accelerating growth of disruptive food and beverage brands), Katy Marshall said. The first episode of The JELL-O Wobz is available on the DreamWorksTV YouTube Channel and on Prime Video with a new episode every Monday for the next five weeks.