DreamWorks and Dentsu collaborate for new Bearbrick animation show

The simple yet artistically designed Be@rbrick is back after 10 years of success, and is now getting its own television program. DreamWorks Animation Television with Japanese advertising sponsor Dentsu announced that they have signed an agreement to create and develop an animation show based on Medicom Toy’s Be@rbrick figures. Dentsu has negotiated the deal through its American subsidiary Dentsu Entertainment USA. Be@rbrick toys are bear-shaped block figures with adjustable arms, legs, head and torso. Medicom Toy is a Japanese company that designs and manufactures these toys. The company released its first Be@rbrick figure on 27 May 2001, and since then, the toy has been released in different countries in different sizes with the use of various materials like wood, felt and glow-in-the dark plastic. They have many figures for different themes as well, designed to represent several animated and comic book characters. The Japanese toy company has had collaborations in the past with DC Comics, Disney, as well as for movies Despicable MeOne-Punch Man and Astro Boy. There have been other special collaborations that Medicom has done in December, like producing action-figures for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie.