DQ Entertainment and Method Animation partner to produce 5 & It

5it-postDQ Entertainment and Method Animation have teamed up to produce 5 & It, a modern CG-animated TV series, to fascinate the minds of children. This combination of DQ Entertainment, an animation, gaming, live-action entertainment, production and distribution company, and Method Animation, known to produce CGI shows, will reach a wider audience in an effective way. The 52 episode animated series is an adaptation of Edith Nesbit’s book 5 Children & It who was an English author/poet and wrote around 60 books of fiction for children. The animated series is a fantastic adventure of 5 children who encounter an outlandish strange looking creature who has the profound ability to grant wishes. The creature is a sand fairy who warns the children to be careful about what they wish. For there is a catch to the plot as every wish lasts only till sunset. Each episode of the series has a lot of tremendous adventure coupled with a sincere lesson to learn as the characters get into trouble due to their greed but manage to find their way out. The project of this animated television series is being co-produced with Disney Channel Germany and supported by Noga, Israel. Moreover, the show has been pre-bought by Disney Channel France and is scheduled for delivery in mid-2017. So let’s await the spell bound adventure of these 5 kids which seems to be a fun learning experience.