‘Dota 2’ 7.23 update includes new characters, bunch of new items and more

Valve recently unleashed a massive Dota 2 update recently which not only introduces two new heroes but upends the game’s meta as well. This is one of the biggest Dota 2 update as it he 7.23 update alters the gameplay which will recasts existing strategies. The two new heroes which added in the characters tray includes  the core hero Void Spirit and support hero Beatrix Snapfire. The character Beatrix has an unique ability that lets her pet Mortimer or even an ally to hop a short distance. Next hero Void Spirit, is the fourth and eldest of Dota 2’s “spirit brethren,” which also includes Storm, Earth, and Ember. “Able to step into and out of the mortal plane at will, he easily outmaneuvers opponents to strike from wherever he desires, calling upon the powers of the aether to shield him in times of need,” the update page says. Here are more updates
  • Neutral monsters now drop a set of unsaleable items, which one can trade within the team. 62 unique neutral items are now in the game, Valve has attempted to balance things out by both increasing player’s backpack slots, buffing up the neutral monsters you’d be taking these items from, and deleting the Side Shops.
  • Every player has their own couriers to gain levels alongside their heroes.Couriers provide 85 GPM while alive and can use abilities.
  • All heroes can now level up to 30. Once they get there, they unlock their entire talent tree, massively increasing the power of every hero late game. Respawn time will not increase past level 25, and XP bounties max out at level 25 values.
  • Observer Wards are now free.
  • Heroes start with 3 Town Portal Scrolls.
  • Map layout redesigned.
  • Stout Shield has been removed from the game. Originally a must-buy for many heroes, the item has been rendered obsolete by a passive 8 Damage Block granted to all melee heroes. The removal has also changed the recipe for Vanguard, which now needs an additional 200 gold to be built.
  • The patch has made notable hints at a so-called “Mango Season,” in both the updated Enchanted Mango item which can now be stacked up to three times and the new Mango Tree neutral monster item.
  • Five tiers of items will drop over the course of a game, and each drop within a tier will halve the odds of subsequent drops: There’s a ten percent chance that a Tier 1 item will drop during the 5-15 minute window, for instance, and if one does, the odds reduce to five percent for the next drop, and so forth.
Overall, the 7.23 update seems focused on making games quicker, and certainly with mass couriers, items galore, and a lot more damage tied into existing items, the pace of the game will change from one way or another