Dongii unveils Nintendo Switch dock and 65W GaN charger

Dongii, a company focused on developing GaN chargers and Nintendo Switch accessories, has announced the release of a portable Nintendo Switch dock with Bluetooth 5.0 and a detachable 65W GaN charger, allowing users to connect a Switch to any HDMI television and wirelessly connect to Bluetooth headphones or speakers. The Switch was designed to make high-quality gaming portable. It’s a wonder then why the TV dock and separate charger are so large and difficult to manage. It makes taking the Switch on the go difficult for meetups, travel and entertainment. Now, the team at Dongii has solved this problem with the smallest Switch dock that provides a simple HDMI connection to televisions, with support for 4K 60Hz video transmission for a better gaming experience on a big TV, even when not at home. “The Nintendo Switch is truly revolutionary and makes awesome portable gaming possible, but the original TV dock and charger are unnecessarily heavy and hard to handle, especially while on the go. As game lovers, we knew we could improve the Switch experience by creating a more portable, simple and elegant solution. Dongii’s Switch dock replaces the cumbersome Nintendo gear with a compact, pocket-sized dock/charger combo that adds a Bluetooth audio option, connects easily to any TV and makes it easier than ever to meet up with friends for big-screen fun.”  Dongii CEO  Nickolas Hui. Dongii further enhances the Switch gaming experience with built-in Bluetooth 5.0 that allows wireless connection to headphones, earbuds and speakers for a more immersive gaming and entertainment experience without disturbing others. Dongii also provides USB charging for the Switch or other mobile devices, using the latest GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology. It has a USB-C port that supports PD 3.0 quick charging for up to 2x charging speeds, as well as a USB-A port that supports the QC 3.0 standard for connection to devices and charging. This highly efficient technology delivers better performance compared to traditional power adapters and helps to keep the device small and lightweight. With the release of the Dongii Switch dock, gamers have a lightweight, go-anywhere solution to putting Switch on the big screen. Combined with the USB quick charge features, the device replaces multiple cumbersome components and lets users experience Switch gaming in a totally new way. Dongii’s Switch dock and charging solution is currently being introduced with special pricing and incentives to reward early supporters.