DNEG to participate in Spark Animation 2021 conference

DNEG Animation announced that they are participating in the Spark Animation 2021 conference, taking place between 28 October to 7 November. All animation lovers can learn interesting details about Ron’s Gone Wrong and much more.

This year’s festival will present animated shorts, features, CG, stop-motion and the festival celebrates established artists as well as offers ample opportunity for discovery.

During the event DNEG will be a part of various panels and presentations. The various presentations are:

1. An Epic Animation Journey- Moving from the traditional into the Unreal– Presented by DNEG Animation Build head Taylor Moll, their production manager Shelley Smith and DNEG Animation CG supervisor Gabriele Pellegrini.

Moving a traditional feature animation pipeline into a real time renderer requires creative problem solving from both the production, the technology, and the leadership. Listen in to how this was tackled on Mr. Spam Gets a New Hat.

2. Ron’s Gone Wrong: Bringing B*Bots to life– Presented by DNEG Animation production head Crosby Clyse, DNEG Animation VFX supervisor Philippe Denis, DNEG Animation motion graphics supervisor Eliot Hobdell, DNEG Animation character lead TD Toba Siebzener, DNEG Animation animation director Kapil Sharma and Paul Baaske.

The DNEG Animation and MGFX team behind Ron’s Gone Wrong explains how they crafted everyone’s new best friend. Introducing: the B*Bot!

Ron’s Gone Wrong

3. Digital Cinematography– This is a panel discussion including DNEG lighting supervisor Sonny Sy, Bardel Entertainment Studio CG supervisor Gianmario Catania, Atomic Cartoons CG supervisor Alan Hernández, Mainframe Studios principal compositing artist Ryan North and Foundry product manager Gary Jones. 

Join Foundry and five leading CG, lighting and compositing supervisors as they discuss the art of digital cinematography. From the history of cinematography and sources of inspiration, to the techniques and applications used today in animation, the panelists will share what you need to know to master cinematography in CG productions.

This year’s SPARK ANIMATION will feature over 60 presentations presented over seven tracks. It includes presentations on the role animation plays in social change, presentations focused on diversity and inclusion and so on. 

Independent creators, landmark films and masterclasses by experts will be conducted. One can connect with the artists behind-the-scenes, and get insight into the making of some of today’s greatest animation features, shorts and series.

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