Disney’s official trailer of ‘Dumbo’ tugs at your heart strings

Disney officially dropped the first full-length trailer of its live-action remake Dumbo, a widely ridiculed elephant that learns to fly using its big ears. But this time around, director Tim Burton brings back a magical tale with his own twist and flair. War veteran and former circus star Holt Farrier, played by Colin Farrell, pets the baby elephant as his kids, Milly and Joe, start bonding with it. Soon, we see Dumbo thrust in the rigors of a circus, where the misfit elephant endures untrammeled humiliation and contempt. However, with the backing of the Farrier family, it eventually learns to fly though the teaser ends without actually portraying Dumbo successfully taking flight. Burton recreates the travails of the calf as it could be seen going through a whole gamut of emotions, while accompanying the visions are some eye-catching visual effects that translate the magic of the 1942 animated feature film classic into live-action. Also starring in Dumbo, are Eva Green as the scintillating aerial artist, Danny DeVito as the circus owner Max Medici and Michael Keaton as the cruel, hard-hearted entrepreneur V.A Vandevere who’s vowed to restore a declining circus arena back to its former glory. Dumbo flies into theatres on 29 March 2019.