Disney streaming service, launching in 2019 will be fully loaded

Disney anticipates incorporating content from all of its brands into the new service, which will include Jim Henson’s The Muppets, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and National Geographic. The service’s offerings will be filled by old Disney movies and episodes of Disney television shows. When it hits the market, the service will include upcoming theatrical releases such as a live-action remake of Dumbo, Captain Marvel, and the next Avengers sequel. There will also be several films that are made directly for the streaming service, such as a remake of Lady and the Tramp, The Paper Magician, Sword and the Stone remake, and Timmy Failure and the Anna Kendrick comedy Noelle. Original television series will draw on pre-existing Disney properties such as Monsters Inc. and High School Musical. The New York Times reported that Disney’s streaming service will focus on producing content aimed at families. The service will be overseen by a veteran marketing executive Ricky Strauss. The shows exclusively produced for the service will cost a hefty price, with a live-action 10-episode Star Wars series from Jon Favreau costing around $100 million and an adaptation of book, Timmy Failure budgets around $45 million.