Disney remaking ‘Chip ‘n’ Dale’ in live-action!

Seems like Disney’s not done with live-action remakes! The House of Mouse has lately announced a live-action feature with the adorable chipmunk brothers Chip and Dale. Created in 1943, Chip ‘n’ Dale became popular with 1989’s Chip ‘n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers TV show. The series saw the goofballs brothers running a detective agency to help out animal clients. Chip and Dale are two anthropomorphic chipmunk brothers whose names are a pun based on the name of the famous 18th-century cabinet maker and furniture designer, Thomas Chippendale.    Of the two, Chip is portrayed as being safe, focused and having a mind for logical scheming, while Dale, is more laid-back, dim-witted, and impulsive, and has a very strong sense of humor. Originally the two had a very similar appearance, but as a way to tell them apart, some differences were introduced: Chip has a small black nose and two centered protruding teeth, whereas Dale has a large dark red nose and a prominent gap between his buckteeth. Chip is also depicted as having smooth hair on top of his head while Dale’s tends to be ruffled. Though the studio has not revealed if the film will get a theatrical release or will premiere at Disney’s streaming service Disney+, Akiva Schaffer has been brought on board to direct the film, with Todd Lieberman and David Hoberman as producers which will reimagine “Rescue Rangers” as a CGI/live-action hybrid.