Disney pummels competition in wk 32 with 250 TVTs

The week 32 of the TAM TV ratings saw a great change among the top five contenders, Disney Channel continued to lead and really consolidate on last week’s 214 TVTs to go up to 250 TVTs this week. Coming in second was a surprise entry with Hungama building on from, its 196 TVTs in wk 31 to 202 TVTs this week. Nick continued to maintain its ratings but shed 9 TVTs from last week to end up with 200 TVTs this week. The fourth and fifth spots went to Cartoon Network and Pogo respectively with 192 TVTs (212 TVTs) and 178 TVTs (212 TVTs), both these channels were tied in second spot last week, so it’s a little disappointing to see them drop this time around. In terms of the reach of the channels, Nick’s 39 per cent is closely followed by Cartoon Network’s 37 per cent. Note: The data provided in the article is for All India, TG: CS 4-14 ABC, 0700-2200 Hrs given by a channel and the ratings are in absolute numbers of Television Viewership in Thousands (TVTs).

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