Disney-Pixar release official Hindi trailer for ‘Incredibles 2’

We are just days away from unraveling what the ‘incredible’ family have in store for us this time around, although the trailers have given a small glimpse of what’s brewing among the Parrs. For the fans in India though, we reported about Bollywood star Kajol lending her voice for Elastigirl in the movie. And now to tease how it all sounds, Disney-Pixar has released the official Hindi dub trailer of Incredibles 2! Though it isn’t a full-fledged clip of the original trailer, the 44-year old actress is seen surmising the parental travails that Bob Parr, the Mr.Incredible, endures while the Elastigirl is away on superhero duties. The little munchkin Jack-Jack, who gave an early preview of his powers in the earlier installment, has more to it and the Parr family are put through the wringer while trying to comprehend the same. Unlike its prequel, Incredibles 2 will not have Shah Rukh Khan voicing Bob as there’s a relatively new voice cast this time around. But promises the same degree of amusement! A Pixar Animation Studios production, Incredibles 2 releases in India on 22 June 2018 in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.