Disney launch official trailer of Tim Burton’s ‘Dumbo’

Several movies in the past have explored the whacky genre of movies that depict relationship between man and an animal. Legendary Hollywood director Tim Burton is bringing one of the more famous tales to the silverscreen with a hint of magic. The teaser of Dumbo showcases a magical world of a circus where dreams fly high. Dumbo is gearing up for its live-action treatment and the first official trailer would have the fans drooling over the adorable elephant. Often lampooned for his unusually big ears, Dumbo is a circus elephant that two kids Milly and Joe chance upon one day while he’s drenched under the hay stacks in a stable. Circus star Holt Farrier (Collin Farrell), their father, domesticates the calf whilst his children grow close to him and develop an emotional bond. But when things blow out of proportion and the circus hinges on its last chance saloon, Dumbo unleashes his hidden powers – the ability to fly! Soon after, the circumstances take a turn for the better as people then gather in numbers to witness the pachyderm’s aerial theatrics. The movie also features a stellar cast of Michael Keaton, Eva Green, Danny DeVito among others with screenplay by Ehren Kruger. Inspired by Walt Disney’s 1941 animation classic of the same name, Dumbo glides into cinemas on 29 March 2019.