Disney India partners Graphiti to launch ‘YOM’, the Indian Yoga Superhero

Indian kids broadcast channels have lately been coming up with their own original shows like Shiva from Nickelodean, Mighty Raju from Pogo, Roll No 21 from Cartoon Network and now Disney channel will be showcasing their unique IP, YOM! Disney Channel and Graphiti announced the production of a home grown animation series titled ‘YOM’ which is slated to air in 2016. An action-adventure comedy series, the series narrates the adventures of boy YOM who has a unique super-hero ability of adopting animal inspired yogasaans into his fighting technique. vijay subramanium “At Disney Channel India, we believe in narrating stories and introducing characters that are uniquely tailored for our audiences here. With the ability to build deeper and emotional engagement, the stories also need to bring in a local flavor that can resonate with them. Yoga, which is a quintessential Indian practice, will be presented in a very light-hearted, fun and a distinctive animation setting in YOM and will definitely find a place in the hearts of kids and families alike”, said, Disney India’s Media Networks, VP – Content and Communications, Vijay Subramaniam. The Indian Superhero kid, Yogendra Omprakash Mathur a.k.a YOM can swim underwater like a fish; can crawl and walk on the walls like a lizard; can carry a ton of weight like an elephant; can fly like an eagle and  he can run as fast as a horse! A funny, fast-paced, adventure series, YOM is a kid who possesses an unique ability to absorb the traits of any animal he comes across but even this Superhero has his limitations. The conditions are that he can only absorb them these powers by doing yogasaans and his powers last only for 11 minutes. He has to take in all of the traits of the animal including the ridiculous ones and use these powers only for the betterment of humankind and of course the most important one, ‘Cannot tell anyone’. Graphiti’s COO and creator of YOM, Munjal Shroff said, “We have created an entertaining show that will resonate with the Indian Ethos and kids will enjoy seeing Yoga in a super cool avtaar. YOM is a unique show about a super hero who gets his awesome animal powers from Yoga. We are extremely excited to have Disney Channel India as our Premiere Broadcast Partner. We together understood the need for a concept as unique as YOM in the kids content universe today and it’s truly great to see that they share our passion and excitement in bringing this show to the Indian kids audiences.” YOM will be yet another original IP that will be showcased on Disney apart from Arjun – The Prince of Bali which is with Green Gold Animation and doing well for the channel. With this new animated series, YOM, Disney will not only get a support for its vast range of live action family shows but will also add another IP to its increasing animation catalogue.