Disney India bets big on ‘Arjun: Prince of Bali’; rolls out merchandise and mobile game

Disney India is betting big on its popular 2D animated series ‘Arjun: Prince of Bali’ and taking it to the viewers with a whole new experience with a mobile game and merchandise. Since its launch in May 2014, Disney Channel’s first local animation property: Arjun: The Prince of Bali, developed with Green Gold Animation has gone on to become a hit two-season television show and now fans can enjoy their favorite characters through a whole new range of interesting merchandise and an engaging game inspired by the show. “Disney Channel in India tells uniquely tailored stories through great characters. The first season of Arjun gained immense popularity amongst our young viewers and we saw the potential to give them more opportunities to enjoy the story while continuing to entertain with the second season on the channel. Arjun inspired merchandise and a game will provide kids with a stronger and deeper engagement with their favorite local stories”, said Disney India, VP and head content and communication – media networks, Vijay Subramaniam. The second series from Disney Channel and Green Gold continues to narrate the story of Prince Arjun of Bali and focuses on Arjun’s coming of age journey as he now matures into a valiant prince while continuing to master newer techniques and strategies of warfare. Showcasing Arjun’s wit, skills and wins over the most ferocious of villains, the new series also explores the relationships with his friends and family and brings to light the jovial and lively side to the warrior prince. Along with the television series, kids can also engage with the characters through an endless runner game set in the kingdom of Bali. Developed by Disney India’s Interactive division, the mobile game promises cool features like weapon upgrades to make your character stronger as the levels progress. “With an interesting storyline, beautiful landscapes and popular local characters, the Arjun series makes for an interesting game play. By integrating elements from the show and building on the character traits in the game, we were looking at giving fans an opportunity to interact with Arjun and his friends beyond the show and create an all immersive gaming experience for them”, added Disney India, VP and head, Interactive Sameer Ganapathy. Disney India’s consumer products team, in collaboration with Green Gold, will also put their strength in extending Arjun across an exciting range of products. Kids can bring home ‘Arjun’ themed apparel, stationary, toys including figurines, bow and arrow set and more. In addition to this, the team will also look at developing school supplies such as school bags, lunch boxes, water bottles, note-books and home decor with bed sheet sets, cushions and mugs. “Kids today adore local animation and want to own a piece of their favourite character on their everyday products. The popularity of the Arjun series and the appeal of its characters amongst kids have inspired an entire range of interesting consumer products. Each character possesses a unique characteristic which can be leveraged very well across categories”, said Disney India, VP and head, consumer products, Abhishek Maheshwari. Disney India is working closely with Green Gold to develop the storyline and characters along with developing the product range and the game.