Disney announces live-action remake for ‘Robin Hood’

Disney is adding to its live-action remake list, with its 1973 classic animated film Robin Hood getting a remake to go straight to Disney Plus. Based on the classic film, the story focuses on Robin Hood, portrayed as a fox, as he fights against Prince John’s excessive taxation of the animals of Sherwood forest alongside such classical characters as Little John, Friar Tuck, Maid Marian and the Sheriff of Nottingham. Helming the project is director Carlos Lopez Estrada (Blindspotting). Also attached are Disney veterans Kari Granlund, who worked on the 2019 Disney+ version of Lady and the Tramp and producer Justin Springer (Dumbo, and Tron: Legacy). The new version of Robin Hood will feature the characters as anthropomorphic, this time in a live-action/CG hybrid format, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The movie will also be a musical. The original version portrayed the noble thief of Sherwood Forest as a fox, while his gang of merry men were illustrated as other animals. Artemis Fowl, originally set to have a theatrical release, will now debut on Disney Plus as a streaming exclusive. Executive chairman and former CEO Bob Iger told media that more movies could become Disney Plus exclusives. Similar to past remakes, Robin Hood will feature a combination of CGI/live-action animals, like those in Dumbo and The Lion King. A release date is yet to be announced.