‘Disintegration’ to officially release on 16 June

Disintegration, the new sci-fi shooter from Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto, will officially release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on 16 June . All Disintegration pre-orders will come with a pack of cosmetic goodies: a Lost Ronin Midnight crew skin, a flex emote, a Disintegration Medal for use on your Gravcycle, and an animated player banner that’s unique for every platform.Today, developer V1 Interactive announced the release date and revealed a neat pre-order bonus. The launch is purely digital, with no physical release announced by Private Division.
 Disintegration is priced at $49.99 and can already be pre-ordered on Xbox One and Steam. Pre-orderers pick up bonus cosmetics for use in multiplayer including a unique Lost Ronin Midnight crew skin, Flex emote, Disintegration Medal Gravcycle attachment, and platform-exclusive animated player banners. Set in a distant future where the human race, in order to avoid extinction, turned themselves into robots, a large amount of them decided they liked being robots, or Integrated as they’re called, and formed the Rayonne. The Rayonne seek to forcefully keep humanity as mechanical beings and kill anyone who stands against them. Disintegration is an interesting mix of strategy an action. Where a player command a small number of troops while riding a Gravcycle – essentially a hovercraft. The Gravcycles themselves are well armed, and slot into different classes. Most of the fights will see you alternating between first-person combat and some light-strategy in positioning your units.