Directors Andy Biddle and Adeena Grubb join Blinkink studio

London based animation studio, Blinkink has taken two new directors on board, Andy Biddle and Adeena Grubb as a part of their stop motion team. Biddle has collaborated with the studio in earlier projects. 

Biddle known for Sipsmith (2020) has worked with award winning film studios such as Aardman and Laika. He has also been the lead character animator on pretty much every Blinkink stop motion film since 2010. 

Biddle and Grubb became friends in March 2020 as the UK went into its first lockdown. With all their jobs cancelled, their eagerness to keep their creative juices flowing, they joined forces to create a lockdown film for Easter.

Since then they have been collaborating as an impressive directorial duo.

In the last few years, Grubb has been creating amazing hand-crafted works and hilarious films. Her talents in both character creation and model making make her one of the most sought after miniature model and puppet makers in London.

Grubb is known for her animated short Dating is Shit (2021). 

Their joint collaboration includes, Alex and Mr Fluffkins, a stop motion short that envisions an end to lockdown living. The story description reads, Alex and Mr Fluffkins have been having a pretty laid back time with COVID-19 running wild but life is about change for these two… or will it? 

Blinkink is a fully independent, owner operated production group established in 1985. They create short-form video content with our partners in advertising, music, gaming, fashion and broadcast industries.