DHX Media and BBC Children’s Productions to co-produce season two of ‘Creeped Out’

Children’s content and brands company, DHX Media and its co-production partner BBC Children’s Productions, have received a 10-episode order from CBBC in the UK and Family Channel in Canada for season two of the kids’ live action series Creeped Out. Creeped Out is an original drama anthology series that combines science-fiction, horror, adventure, suspense, fantasy and mystery. Each story is introduced by ‘The Curious’- a mysterious, masked story collector, who appears at the beginning and end of each episode. DHX media president Josh Scherba mentioned, “Kids love season one of Creeped Out, and we’re excited to continue our work with BBC Children’s Productions to keep the chills coming. When done right, spooky anthologies like this have universal appeal, and we know that for season two, the talented writing and production teams in the UK and Canada have some truly hair-raising tales to share with fans around the world.” Production on this collection of spooky tales begins this summer, with the first five episodes to be shot in Toronto in mid-August, followed by five episodes to be filmed in the North West of England. The series’ first season, which premiered on CBBC last October and debuts on Family Channel this fall. The series has also been picked up by Netflix for a worldwide streaming (excluding the UK and Canada) this October. “These creepy moral tales of the unexplained and unexpected are told uniquely from a kid’s perspective, and we’re thrilled that The Curious has rounded up another batch to thrill and chill. The format allows the talented creators, writers and production teams to tell an astonishing array of stories, ranging this time from a spooky whodunit told backwards to a smart house that takes revenge on its lazy inhabitants, and a seasonal special about a group of kids who are accidentally locked in a toy store at Christmas and encounter a very unusual Santa,” BBC Children head of productions Helen Bullough added. Commissioned by Family Channel and CBBC, Creeped Out is a Canada-UK co-production between DHX Media and BBC Children’s Productions. The series is created and executive produced by Bede Blake (The Evermoor Chronicles, Hank Zipzer) and Robert Butle (Eastenders, Hollyoaks). Executive producers for DHX Media are Josh Scherba and Anne Loi, and the executive producer for BBC Children’s Productions is Spencer Campbell. International distribution for Creeped Out is handled by DHX Media.