Developers of ‘Left 4 Dead’ and ‘Evolve’ are working on a new co-op FPS, slated for 2018

With the first person shooter (FPS) genre shifting a bit from conventional shooters like Counter Strike and Call of Duty, 2016 saw reveals and releases of a lot of class-based shooter like Blizzard’s smash-hit shooter Overwatch, which took home multiple accolades at The Game Awards 2016, Hi-Rez Studios’ Paladins, Gearbox’s Battleborn and some more. Clearly with the genre of FPS games is changing. Now, one more game is likely to be added to the kitty of these games. Turtle Rock Studios, the developers of games like Evolve and Left 4 Dead is working on a new ‘AAA IP’ which will be a co-op action game which will be published by Perfect World Entertainment ( Neverwinter, Star Trek Online), Turtule Rock Studios, co-founder, Phil Robb revealed during an interview with However, it is not known that if it will be a multiplayer as well. Left 4 Dead “We’re focusing on what we do best,” said Robb, “heart-pounding moment-to-moment online co-op FPS action.” The title is still being kept under wraps as the game is set to make a 2018 debut. “There will be plenty of baddies to shoot up but it is not a ‘zombie game’ or anything post-apocalyptic,” said Turtle Rock, general manager and president, Steve Goldstein. “What we can say right now is there’s a strong dark fantasy element to it.” “We think that kind of label has big expectations tied to it,” said Goldstein. “Also, it sets an expectation that we’re making something sequel-like that does not deviate too far from the original formula. And while we focus on awesome first-person shooting and co-op, we’d rather have the new game be something our players classify and designate and judge without us affixing the label ourselves.” We’ll be eagerly waiting for more information and would update you as soon as we get.