‘Deadpool 3’ supposedly in production by Marvel Studios?

Post The Walt Disney Studios acquired Fox, there has been a lot of assumptions and conversations about the future of the characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). While some characters are expected to undergo a reboot with new actors for the roles, there has been one exception with Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds will continue to portray the witty anti-hero in the Marvel universe. Few reports suggest that Reynolds had visited the head executives at Marvel regarding the future of his character and the next Deadpool film. Lately, a certain business transaction has garnered eyeballs leading to speculation that Deadpool 3 might be starting soon. As unveiled by HNEntertainment, Disney has filed a new corporation for an upcoming unnamed production. The name of the company was revealed to be Finger Guns Productions. While there have not been any confirmations, the developments surrounding Deadpool 3 suggest that it could be the unnamed project. In October, the film’s writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick revealed that after Reynolds’ conversation with Marvel Studios, the two are waiting for a confirmation from him so that they can begin writing Deadpool 3. Well, only time will tell the truth about the assumptions of Deadpool 3. Fans don’t have any other option but to wait and hope that the character appears on the big screen again soon.