‘Deadpool 2’ official trailer gets a Lego spin in a new clip by Huxley Berg Studios

The Lego Cable
Deadpool 2 threw a surprise for its fans with a teaser trailer that played parody to the late Bob Ross’ TV series, The Joy of Painting as audience is already in love with the hilarious marketing campaign. Keeping intact the audio from the trailer and a brilliant work in animation, Deadpool was reborn as a Lego with the initiative taken up by Huxley Berg Studios. The recreation includes a showdown between Cable and Deadpool. This trailer is an introduction to the antagonist, played by Josh Brolin who is a mutant from a dystopian future travelling back in time. Everyone’s favourite “mercenary with a mouth”, played by Ryan Reynolds, is heading again to the big screen in May 2018 and the Deadpool 2 teaser trailer gave a sneak peek as to what director David Leitch has in store this time around. There is something funny about seeing Bob Ross in Lego form. Even the paintings are shown with details to make them look like they could have been made by a Lego figure that doesn’t have fully functional hands. The Lego version of Deadpool helps in propelling the character higher up the anticipation meter ahead of its release in June. The latest fan-made version of the trailer is fun to watch while the ending shows Lego Negasonic Teenage Warhead at its quirky best. Other known faces from Deadpool get a Lego makeover too, as they all feature in the movie.