‘Dead Island 2’ unfinished playable build leaked

Recently a playable and unfinished version of the game Dead Island 2 was leaked online, and players have been sharing gameplay footage across the internet. Discovered by Eurogamer, the leaked playable build is dated for 2015 and appears to have come from a post on a 4Chan video game board. The build was also developed by the game studio Yager, the company that was originally in charge of Dead Island 2’s official release.
Since its announcement at E3 2014, the game has definitely seen more downs than ups. Judging from the playable build dated June 19, 2015, it is certainly Dead Island 2. The zombies are there, and the player wields weapons with plenty of elemental effects. Fire and electricity are ever present as you slice up the undead. The return of nonsensical names for the weapons is also a welcome sight. Fancy killing off your foes with the Roasty Toasty Keen Combat Knife? So do we. What was not seen was the eight-player multiplayer in action. One of the original developers for Dead Island 2, Jan David Hassel recently tweeted about his surprise at the game’s leak, “Oh boy what a blast from the past. Didn’t expect this one and while it’s literally unfinished work in progress in a way it’s nice that at least somehow people can see what we’ve been working on before we got the axe.” According to Deep Silver, Dead Island 2 is still under-development, and there are still plans for the game’s release, though there are no signs of a release date in the near future. The cinematic trailer of the game released five years ago showcases the beach-front environment of the game, but no gameplay for the title has been released since the gameplay trailer from 2014. Videos from the unfinished build showcase a beach-side area players can fight zombies in and progress through their skills, but a number of the environment assets are still unfinished. The leak has fans of the game hoping for an official release of the next installment in the open-world parkour zombie RPG series.