DC to have ‘Injustice’ comics crossover with ‘He-Man’

DC’s Injustice comic series, a video game adaption, is all set to take the badassery to a whole new level as the publication has announced a crossover with He-Man in its upcoming publication, Injustice vs He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Set in the alternate reality of Injustice universe, the six-issue series would see Batman joining hands with several new allies in his quest to liquidate arch-rival, Superman. Teela, Orko and Battlecat are among the names apart from Prince Adam who’ll lock horns with the man of steel in what promises to be an absolute thrill-fest of a comic. To give a glimpse into the narrative, here’s the synopsis: Believing He-Man and the Masters of the Universe defeated, a robotic impostor has seized control of Eternia—but not for long! After freeing his kingdom from this strongman’s rule, He-Man learns not everyone is pleased to see the pretender deposed—but Adam knows the value of freedom. When heroes from another dimension ask his aid in deposing a superhero turned dictator, he agrees. Teaming up with Batman against the Superman of the Injustice Universe, He-Man and his new allies face dangerous and familiar enemies in a battle where no world is safe. Injustice vs He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is written by Tim Steeley. It is set to hit the stands on 18 July 2018. Besides, the ongoing Injustice series gears up for its next edition, Injustice 2 #24, next week.