VFX Cyber Group Studios’ ‘The Tales of Tatonka’ premieres on CCTV in China -

Cyber Group Studios’ ‘The Tales of Tatonka’ premieres on CCTV in China

Cyber Group Studios and Pacific Media Group announce that the animated series The Tales of Tatonka by Cyber Group started airing on CCTV in mainland China from 29 March.

Pacific Media Group co-founder Grace Hung commented, “We are proud to partner with Cyber Group to broadcast this amazing and interesting series on CCTV followed by all major Chinese platforms. We know families will find Tatonka exciting, warm and educational.”

The Tales of Tatonka is a 52 x 13 CGI preschool series for five to seven year olds, telling the adventurous stories of four wolf-cubs who grow together as a family in the nature. Their friend Tatonka, the bison helps the young wolves explore their home in the wild along with friends Cinksi the lynx, Poum the bear, Wahi the squirrel and Wambli the eagle.

“It’s our pleasure to present Tatonka to the Chinese audience along with CCTV. We believe the educational theme and well-crafted storyline of this series will be welcomed by parents and kids alike,” said Mango TV director (international content) Rebecca Wang.

Written by Pierre Sissmann and directed by Olivier Lelardoux, The Tales of Tatonka has received multiple awards including Golden Panda nomination in China and Karusel TV’s best kids’ series in Russia. It has also been praised for its environmental themes to inspire children globally.

“It is a great honour for our company and myself as an original author to have The Tales of Tatonka air in China,” said Cyber Group Studios chairman and CEO Pierre Sissmann.

The series combines an animated adventure of eleven minutes and a live action segment entitled The World of Tatonka with real-life scenes depicting animal life in the wild.