Cyber Group Studios and Turner announce the launch of ‘Taffy’

Cyber Group Studios has joined forces with Turner to create Taffy, an animated series for Turner’s second flagship kids’ channel Boomerang across international markets. The series will also be broadcasted on France Televisions Networks. Inspired by the classic Hanna Barbera cartoons, Taffy will enjoy a special world premiere presentation at MIPCOM in a session titled, ‘The Making of a Modern Classic’ on 15 October. In this presentation, co-creators of the series Pierre Sissmann and Mike de Seve, director Ahmed Guerrouache and representatives from the main original broadcast partners, Turner EMEA and international kids strategy chief content officer Patricia Hidalgo, and France Télévisions director of children and youth activities and France 4 executive director Tiphaine de Raguenel will introduce the series and share the motivation behind its creation. Hidalgo said, “We were on the look-out for an original series for Boomerang inspired by the great Hanna Barbera classics and that’s how we came to work on a development project, followed by this fantastic co-production with Cyber Group Studios. Taffy perfectly matches our ambition and we’re confident it will be an instant hit when it premieres on Boomerang from the end of this year.” Taffy (78×7’) follows the non-stop, slapstick extravaganza faced by loyal hound dog Bentley when his billionaire old lady owner Mrs Muchmore takes in an imposter posing as wide-eyed, fluffy angora cat. Each installment sees Bentley try to reveal Taffy for the vermin he is – while super-clever Taffy handily frames the dog for every one of his exploits, pillagings and disastrous messes. Whether travelling from Mrs Muchmore’s luxurious mansion, to a five-star cruise, to jet-setting international adventures or a visit with the president, wherever these rivals go, mayhem is sure to follow! Sissmann added, “Cyber Group Studios is particularly proud to bring to the public the very first episodes of this modern classic and strongly believes it will find its home in the heart of kids and families around the world!”