Cyber Group opens new animation label with Soyuzmultfilm

Cyber Group Studios and Soyuzmultfilm announce their new partnership to create the first ever French and Russian joint label of animated programs Cyber Soyuz Junior, targeting the preschool audience around the world. The label has already started production on the new preschool series Orange Moo Cow, a 52 x seven-minute show about an energetic six-year-old cow, who along with her family and animal friends, embarks on adventures to learn. Squared Zebra (78 x 7’ 2D HD) is another new preschool animated TV series aimed at kids from three to five years old. This new series follows the daily adventures of Checkery the zebra, a friend like no other who encourages others to open up. Preschoolers can easily relate to these unique characters in their good sides, flaws, behavior, and the situations they find themselves in. The two companies teamed up to plant a flag in the Russian kids market. Working with a local studio allows Cyber Group to tap into styles and stories familiar to that audience, said Cyber Group CEO Pierre Sissman. Soyuzmultfilm has produced a large catalogue of animated film and TV for kids and families, including shows such as Mr Theo, Cat and Dog, Captain Kraken and His Crew and Pirate School. Cyber Group Studios, is known for creating and animating in France both 2D and CGI series. Cyber Group’s announced season two of their original 2D HD animated comedy series Taffy. It consists of 78 brand new seven-minute episodes, expanding the property that viewers know and love around the world to a total of 156 episodes.