Csharks’ ‘Jungle Jump’, a follow up to its ‘Jungle Café’ releases on Android

Csharks Games & Solutions is out with yet another animal gaming app ‘Jungle Jump’ which hit the Android market on 1 October, a follow up to its successful game ‘Jungle Café’. The Kerala based game development company is tapping on the ever so growing animal game market. Developed in libGDX, the game is set in the backdrop of African jungles and is a continuous jumper game where a wooden log is floating in-between the river and the goal of the game is too make the animals jump from one end to the other. “We wanted to make a game which would support our successful venture – Jungle Café and would target everyone who enjoyed the game previously,” reveals Eidhose P Mathew, MD and CEO, Csharks. The game took about three months to develop and test before putting it live. The game mechanics work on the classic formula of gathering the collectibles falling from above and the wooden paddle helps you with the collectibles as well as with crossing the animals. The game starts with five lives and each animal you fail to cross, you lose a life. Power-ups come in form of Lives and Fruits which help the paddle grow into bigger sizes. Rotten fruits will make the paddle smaller. Every 1,000 points you score, you earn an extra life. Marketing the game has been an issue with Csharks and to market this game the company is in talks with a few Chinese publishers who’d help the team to reach to a wider audience. The game is currently only on the Android platform, but the team is not too keen on developing it for other markets as of now. Review: While playing the game I noticed the game has a good connection value for kids and the funny background score and simple controls help the cause immensely. The game is continuous and never-ending so a few changes every few minutes would make the game more engaging.  Also, a help screen was missing which could have helped with describing what a rotten fruit looked like and what collectibles will help you grow your paddle and help you in game. The paddle seems a bit out of control when tapped and too slow when swiped. “These issues will be handled and the team is in continuous process to iron out the bugs from the game” ensured Eidhose. There’s also news on ‘Big Block’, an earlier game the studio released. With the game not doing too well for the company, it is soon going to get an update and see if it changes its fortunes.