CS:GO records 30 per cent increase in the unique player count

CS:GO has managed to reach a record high of 26.2 million unique players in the month of April 2020, which is about a whopping 30 per cent increase in the unique player count of the game since March according to Talkesports. As new players adding each day due to lockdown,  the prices of the weapon skins for CS:GO on average, has seen a considerable spike in the last month.  The main reason behind this rapid increase in player count is the amount of love Valve has shown towards the game recently. They have shipped out constant updates for CS:GO, adding weapon skins, new music kits, quality of life changes, weapon fixes and bug fixes to improve the gameplay experience. Earlier in March according to data gathered by LeagueOfBetting, CS:GO was the most popular game among the Steam users, hitting a record high peak of 1,023,229 concurrent players on the leading online game platform.The statistics show the CS:GO monthly peak number of players on Steam has been constantly growing for the last eight months. In July 2019, it reached over 578 thousand. In the next five months, the figure jumped to over 760 thousand and continued growing. Since January, the peak number of concurrent CS:GO players on Steam has been increasing by 100,000 players per month.