Creative Talent Network launches Creator Space for the next generation animation talent

Creative Talent Network announced the launch of the CTN Creator Space, a co-working environment dedicated to the animation industry. The studio is open to students, professionals, and entrepreneurs in the industry. CTN Creator Space aims at providing technical tools, education, and the opportunity for the next generation of animation talent to develop industry contacts. It is located near the major animation studios at 847 Hollywood Way, Space 100 in the Magnolia Park district of Burbank which is the animation capital of the world. CTN founder Tina Price states, “We see the new CTN Creator Space as offering a creative social gathering opportunity for animators who work independently, yet share values. The idea is to help the animation community by delivering an environment where talented creators can have a place to work, and where they can help each other in a collaborative and inspired atmosphere.” The CTN Creator Space provides affordable workstations for talent at all levels, along with tools such as Wacom Mobile Studio Pros, Cintiqs pens, ZBrush, Sketchbook Pro, Photoshop, ToonBoom, large format plasmas with Apple TV, high-speed Wi-Fi and more. The details regarding the opening hours, workstations, access, parking and more are available on the CTN Creator Space website.