Creative content play to offer tribute to 150th anniversary of Wimbledon

WimbledonTo explore the history of the tennis tournament and of its iconic players, the All England Tennis club have recently launched a campaign to celebrate the story of the world’s oldest tennis tournament, Wimbledon. The video campaign perfectly captures the history of Wimbledon from its inception up till the present day. It expresses the club’s changing illustrative styles, designs, and fashion, and player’s techniques and the hard work, and even the pony rollers and switch to yellow balls.  It includes those stars that made a mark in the history by playing extremely astounding on the tennis courts. The animated video features the evolution of Wimbledon through a single continuous tennis rally, starting in 1877 with Spencer Gore and ending with Serena Williams. This campaign has been broadcasted on their YouTube channel holding the title—In pursuit of greatness: Take on history. Following the trailers, a series of content films will be rolled out on social platforms. Along with it, the content focus will be upon the gardens, the ticket resale scheme, and the long queues. The spokesperson for the tournament was heard saying, “When you’re blessed with a golden age of tennis stars, you need multiple launch films.” This magnificently produced film portrays the diligent quest of Wimbledon acclaiming its players and their fans across the globe. It is a proud moment for Wimbledon as the richness of its history is been showcased through beautifully-made illustrations and incredible handiwork. The campaign is a tribute to the Wimbledon fans and it clearly justifies the history of the most liked club.