Covid2019 AVGC Special | In coversation with Assemblage Entertainment CEO and founder A.K. Madhavan

As we enter the third phase of the lockdown, there’s a lot of uncertainty among the Indian milieu,¬† including the industrial sectors. While there looms the bane of pay-cuts and job losses, industry veterans have been trying to find out ways of smooth functioning amid the lockdown with innovative solutions as well. The Indian animation industry which has been growing over the past few years has also been affected by the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown brought by it. A few days back we spoke to¬†industry veteran Ashish Kulkarni to get a glimpse on the state of the AVGC industry in India and what measures are being taken across all the verticals and what can be expected post the lockdown is lifted or eased. You can check out the entire conversation here. While the aforementioned video talks about the entire gamut of industries, recently we had a virtual fireside chat with Assemblage Entertainment CEO and founder A.K. Madhavan to understand the veteran’s perspective on how studios like his are functioning amid the lockdown, innovative measures and what can be expected going ahead and what.
Apart from this, Assemblage Entertainment’s animated series ‘Chino Bon Bon’ will soon be debuting on Netflix.