Covid19 Art: Indian artist sketches friends dealing with pandemic-induced lockdown and we are loving it!

While it’s true that frontline corona-warriors like essential workers and healthcare professionals have worked tirelessly to keep us safe, artists across the world deserve due credit for having kept us sane with their pandemic-induced imagination and creativity. Naturally, this experience of lockdown that rippled in the community of artists, inspired a new wave of artistry altogether. Mumbai-based artist Yugandhara Shete is one such creator who took to instagram to sketch the cartoon versions of her friends dealing with pandemic-specific challenges and lockdown woes. We compiled a list of her sketches that won us over :-

We agree! Working on guitar lessons would be a good use of lockdown time.

Binging on our favourite shows is another potent way of dealing with this nation-wide shutdown

This pandemic has magnified the significance of art, and given us the time to revisit the things most fundamental to life, one can hope that in the days ahead, there’ll be a greater sense of balance and maturity in the way people prioritise life. 

Hands down, reading books takes the cake when it comes to making use of quarantine time!

Yummy, that sounds very appetising! Can’t wait to try out a Bengali Dish!

Upskilling so we bounce back stronger when the lockdown lifts!

Not sure we can head out for groceries wearing that one!

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Peeps…where are YOUR masks? #quarantinelife #workfromhome #wearyourmask #covi̇d19 #stayhomestaysafe

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Managing to stay home and following guidelines even when you can’t wait to take pictures is commendable!

We hope you enjoyed the cartoon sketches and now it’s time for a big reveal. Apart from wearing the artist hat, Shete or fondly known as Yuga also actively serves as a journalist at, aggregating the AVGC community while regaling the world with her own art.