#Review: ‘Commando 3’ ranks ranks high on action but the story falls flat

You attempt a beaten-to-the-hilt shtick and liberally pepper it with a heavy dose of patriotism, you are already treading on a slippery slope. Since pop patriotism is the flavour of the season, this movie employs the theme to the fullest. With special OP commando played by Vidyut Jamwal saving the country and bringing the perpetrator to justice, the movie does maintain the Commando franchise thematics in the way action takes place yet one could dispense away with over-the-top theatrics. In this new sequel, Vidyut Jammwal comes back as the eponymous Commando, Karanveer Singh Dogra, who is out to diffuse a yet another web of doom that threatens to destroy his country. In some scenes, you can sense a Batman vs Joker interrogation inspiration too.
We’ve had many a story where the hero saves the world from Jihadi terrorism and this films brings nothing new to the table. Movie does well on the VFX front with chase scenes, fight scenes and landscapes. The formulaic approach is too jarring and lacks soul. Film opens with brainwashed youngsters, who converted to Islam from Hinduism, bent on wreaking havoc on the country. You can now see how filmmakers’ commitment to ticking boxes on the recipe of an action movie. Hero’s entry and machismo scene – Check, Establishing his might – Check, Saving young chicks from thugs scene – Check.. From cow politics to Babri Masjid, the script tries to structure the narrative around the political issues of India.  High-octane action sequences packed with punched and kicks stop the London-based terror mastermind rather than an intelligent plan. Gulshan Devaiah brilliantly portays the sinister character whist the leading ladies Adah Sharma and Angira Dharr are shown in powerful roles. All in all, if you’re for a high-octane action sequences and want to watch Vidyut kick butts, this movie’s for you.

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