Comic Con goes to Africa as first ever convention on the continent announced

Even though Comic Con is still some time away from triggering its annual hullabaloo, the continent of Africa is already feeling the frenzy as Emerald Comic Con and New York Comic Con organisers have announced that comic book convention would be setting afoot in the ‘dark continent’ too this year, from 14 to 16 September. ReedPOP, the organisers of ECC and NCC, declared it would be held at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit and International Convention Centre, in South Africa. In no time, the Comic Con Africa has started accepting applications for exhibitors from the comic, television, films and collectibles industry. And much to the delight of the anxious fans, the convention would also feature autograph sessions, comic merchandises, e-sports competitions and cosplay; like any other Comic Con convention across the globe. The success of Black Panther brought to light the continent’s stern affinity towards modern pop-culture, and it’s this overwhelming delirium that just may be the driving force behind steering the Comic Con boat towards the African shores. VS Gaming, one of the largest gaming tournament organisers in South Africa, partnered to make this happen and would thereby also presumably focus a healthy amount of the convention on games. Ticket prices and booking details haven’t revealed yet, although more developments are expected in the weeks to come.