Comic Con Fandom Month: Abhijit Kini ushers in the comic mania at IIT Bombay

The inaugural edition of the Comic Con Fandom Month came to Mumbai on Saturday, 12 August with eminent comic writer Abhijit Kini kicking off the comic con mania at IIT Bombay.
Abhijit Kini talks about the cartoon he drew
In a workshop attended by almost 60 fans, the ‘Angry Maushi’ author first gave a gist of some his works such as Temper Temper, Groundzero, Chairman Meow, It Happened Because Of.., and of course, Angry Maushi, briefing the plot of each of these. Abhijit also showed some ‘before-after’ sketches of these works, before demonstrating his artistry live to the audience by inventing a new character, impromptu. Chiselling away the deft strokes on his digital drawing pad, the sequential artist left everyone floored with his silky-smooth hand work. The event was met with an amusing conclusion where all the attendees were supposed to bring out the hidden comic artist in them and outline a small illustration. Basing that on one’s imaginative superhero, the audience came up with some interesting characters and their superpowers alike. But how could a Comic Con Fandom Month end without the mention of the upcoming Comic Con festival? Abhijit Kini was on hand to remind everyone of the same and also appealed to partake in the comic celebrations, that will happen in Mumbai on 11-12 November 2017.