Coca-Cola launches limited edition pixel-perfect Zero Sugar Byte

Coca-Cola has unveiled its new limited-edition drink called Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte, which according to them, is born in the metaverse. This is the company’s attempt to bring to life pixel flavour that transcends the digital and physical world.

The limited-edition pixel flavoured coke is now on sale in the US and only 25,000 twin packs are available of the soda. This new flavourful soda is made to target the gamers and the packaging of the Byte can is fully pixel themed. The logo of Coca-Cola is pixelated on the can of the limited edition soda. Coca-Cola global strategy senior director Oana Vlad said, “We wanted to create an innovative taste inspired by the playfulness of pixels, rooted in the experiences that gaming makes possible.”

To make this product more interesting and attractive to the gamers, Coca-Cola in collaboration with gaming organisation PWR, have created a Pixel Point which is an island in Fortnite. Upon entering the Island, gamers can discover Coca-Cola Sugar Zero Sugar Byte in the metaverse and they can connect with other players through multiplayer mini-games.

The company will provide a pixelated label on the physical cans of Byte, which will give direct access to gamers to the augmented reality games through their smartphones. The company’s official website has revealed the names of the games, they are The Castle, The Escape, The Race and The Tower. Each game has its own challenge that can be solved while working in co-ordination with fellow gamers to level up the tower.