Cloud gaming service Shadow lowers price to $11.99

Cloud gaming service Shadow, from the French startup Blade, is drastically lowering its price in a bid to compete with a new wave of platforms from Google and Nvidia. Blade, the French startup behind Shadow, announced plans to overhaul its subscription tiers back in October. The company is now bringing the new plans to the U.S. with a new entry tier at $11.99 per month as well as more powerful options in the coming months. Shadow is a cloud computing service for gamers. For a monthly subscription fee, you can access a gaming PC in a data centre near you. Compared to other cloud gaming services, Shadow provides a full Windows 10 instance. One can install anything that they want and it includes  Steam, Photoshop or Word. The price drop should help Shadow stay competitive with offerings from Google Stadia and Nvidia’s newly public GeForce Now service. While Stadia Pro currently costs $10 a month, Google doesn’t actually offer subscribers access to a remote PC. Instead, you have to buy games that only work on Stadia and access them through a special web portal, a mobile app that functions only on certain Android phones, or through a Chromecast Ultra. Nvidia’s GeForce Now is more similar to Shadow in design, in that Nvidia lets you use your existing library of Steam games via a Mac, PC, and Linux app