CII unveils the formation of IDGS to improve the digital gaming ecosystem

Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has formed Indian Digital Gaming Society (IDGS), to improve the digital gaming scenario in India.

The digital gaming segment has emerged as an industry in itself, with global corporate investing for the development of this sector. The global gaming market is estimated at $110 billion. However, India, despite being one of the largest users of digital products and services, is in a nascent stage with respect to the digital gaming industry.

India has a large skill pool to offer in the fields of game development and testing, arts and designing, information technology. This presents a significant opportunity for the Indian gaming industry to forge partnerships with leading global digital gaming companies and open doors for massive investment and job creation in the country.

The Digital India mission holds the key to the development of a robust gaming industry in the country, through its emphasis on promoting digitalisation. It plans to evolve and leverage a digital transformation movement that transforms India, by building systems of intelligence, by bringing in more personal computing and adapting to the intelligent cloud as the growth opportunity for the creative sector like digital gaming in India, is phenomenal.

Historically, CII has been at the forefront of leveraging innovative trends to build the competitiveness of Indian industry and enhance its growth potential for the betterment of Indian citizens.

Considering the market and the demand CII has formed, this society comprises of various stakeholders of the Indian digital gaming ecosystem.

Rajan Navani

“With the Indian Digital Gaming market across mobile, PC, console and e-sports growing exponentially, IDGS fulfills the need for an industry-led body to bring stakeholders across the ecosystem together, including government, to nurture and grow a global opportunity for Indian Industry in the creative world just like IT services opened India to the world three decades ago,” said IDGS founding member and president Rajan Navani.

IDGS will provide a platform for the young start-ups and youths to unleash their creativity and contribute towards the digital economy of the country. Digital gaming sector will open up new avenues of skilling and help create more job opportunities in India.

IDGS will catalyse the Indian digital gaming industry to effectively contribute to India’s economic growth and become a trustworthy global partner. Society will work closely with the central and state governments and academia towards enabling the growth of the digital gaming industry.