Christmas animated shorts that will melt your heart

What would Christmas be without love? It is sharing. It is caring. It is all the emotions bundled and wrapped together to gift your near and dear ones. What is celebration without all this, and what is all this without your dear people. These Christmas shorts will bring out the emotions in you, making you feel loved and cared. Here is a list of animated shorts I found fascinating: This animated short shows how friends bring out the best in you. How they never let your limitations hamper you friendship. An advertisement from Erste, this super cute animation is sure to melt your heart.
As the story says Christmas is all about believing in love. Christmas is about sharing. What is the greatest gift you can give your family? Is there a gift as precious as you? And, this short tells us exactly that.
This festive spot is bound to tug at a few heart strings. A differently scripted and conceptualised short, it shows how important family is when you are celebrating. Live action and animation combined together, this advertisement short keeps you smiling.
This animated short from TheCGBros is a perfect lighting to brighten up your mood this evening. Decorating you tree for tomorrow? This movie would give you a kick-start!
Gordon, the goose is ready for Christmas. Are you? With a creative angle to the story and an ideal animation technique, this animated short is funny with a festive touch to it.
This Vodafone Christmas advertisement is cute and warm at the same time. A reindeer returns home only to see nobody present. But, his loved ones have a surprise planned for him. See what happens in this snowy little animal kingdom.
This poor bear is the only animal that never gets to celebrate Christmas because he has to hibernate during that time. However, this year, his friend Hare has a brilliant idea. Created with a mixture of traditional 2D hand-drawn animation, stop frame, and 3D model made sets, the advertisement is bliss to watch.
Add your favourite films to the list and let the love spread, because Christmas is all about love. Celebrations begin with your loved ones!