China based Jiela E-sports opens their first esports store in Bangalore

Jiela E-sports a China based internet company integrating brand chain, software development, e-sports events, game value-added, and member services have announced to open their first  esports store in Bangalore, India  today. The official facebook post reads, “On December 19, 2019, Jiela E-sports’ first store in India will open grandly! We look forward to your experience! Free games, free games, free games! Important things to say three times! Dear friends! Top configuration, intimate service, comfortable environment, play any game you want! The ultimate pursuit, the ultimate experience! Let’s pass this love of esports games to everyone around us!” The purpose of brand is to create a multiplayer game space and create a perfect entertainment game experience for customers. As of December 2019, the number of effective global members of Jiela Internet Cafe has exceeded 8 million, and the service has gone out in other countries and regions and now they have opened their first store in India. 700 stores worldwide and serves more than 20 million people annually Usually, with its stylish and simple decoration style, intimate human services, high-end gaming equipment, strong game atmosphere, multi-person social space and other advantages, it has won the love of the majority of gamers, and is a favorite gathering place for players around the world. Will it be same for India? For the same we have approached the brand for further information and will keep you updated in future.