‘Chhota Bheem’ comic books are gaining popularity

Samir Jain
Comics have been one of the paramount sources of entertainment and it’s universally one of the best mediums of entertainment. When Green Gold Animation started the merchandising of Chhota Bheem, comics were a prominent category. Chhota Bheem and Mighty Raju comics are a reflection of the animated series. “We have used the same background images along with the scripts. Readers can enjoy the comics the same way they enjoy the animated series,” said Green Gold Animation COO and executive director Samir Jain. The comics are available across all leading book stores, retail and e-commerce platforms. Apart from comic books, the company has also introduced various edutainment and activity books based on their characters which the kids can read and learn from. A digital editions of the comics is also available online. The company plans to target the right age group of kids to read the comics and love them, “but we would love the idea of an entire family reading and enjoying the comics,” Jain added. With the growing technology and easy access to the internet, kids have been moving to explore the digital space more these days. “There has been a dip in the comic sales with the rise in digitisation, yet as far as popularity is concerned,  I believe all the Chhota Bheem and Mighty Raju fans would still love to get entertained with comics,” mentioned Jain. By far the comics have got a very satisfying response with parents encouraging their kids to explore the world of comics and inculcate in them the habit of reading. The team at Green Gold is exploring avenues, ideas and means to present all Chhota Bheem characters in comics, both print and digital!