Chapeau FX expands operations and renames to Chapeau Studios

Los Angeles-based VFX/animation company Chapeau FX has rechristened itself to Chapeau Studio, as it expanded it’s core visual effects and animation team.

Now heading Chapeau Studios are founders Ben Looram and Karuna Venter, along with creative director/partner Lauren Mayer-Beug, head of creative content development Jesse Hoy, head of film/video production José Nuñez, and business strategist Chris Gunn.

“In many ways, Chapeau Studios is a natural progression of what we’ve built with Chapeau FX,” managing partner and design director Karuna Venter explains. “We’ve always worked outside of the lines, fearlessly investigating what-ifs and how-tos. That’s what we love, and Studios allows us to investigate and create from a deeper place.”

“We believe that the future of content is multi-modal, and Chapeau Studios is here to help brands transition into their own futures.”

“Chapeau Studios is about custom tailoring each experience for clients who increasingly come to us to make things from genesis stage,” Mayer-Beug adds. “We approach from the fusion mindset of artist and engineer and feed off of invention. This is our happy place.”

Building upon it’s core VFX and animation businesses, Chapeau Studios now move into production, design and IP development.



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