Catwoman now has her own solo series ‘Catwoman #1’

Catwoman #1The news broke directly from the pages of Tom King’s Batman series that Catwoman will have her own solo series starting with Catwoman #1. Batman artist and an Eisner Award-nominee Joelle Jones is Catwoman’s scribe and penciler. The series will focus majorly upon Catwoman’s (Selina Kyle) psyche. It is understood that her first real enemy will be an army of Catwomen. Soon after the wedding night’s over, Catwoman is back on the streets, but this time it is to expose a copycat who’s pulling heists around Gotham City. That is, Catwoman #1 takes place following the events of the cancelled wedding of Batman #50. The new issue will see Catwoman taking a break from her superhero life and living as Kyle. She is seen as trying to separate herself from the superhero life. But just like any superhero, she has hard luck in escaping the hero life. Catwoman’s new life might take her away from Gotham, though it’s unclear where exactly. But the new location turns out to be a host of new villains for Catwoman. The issue also brings in a new woman to the story named Raina Creel. She is the wife of a governor who’s using her husband’s public platform and power to build a criminal empire. Everything about Creel is a lie including her refined appearance, thus relating her to the term copycatting. Whereas, her private face is much different than what she presents to the world. A common factor between these two ladies is their double life, but they would be fighting against each other. In the new edition, Kyle isn’t the same selfish thief that she used to be, but a superhero trying to save the city. However, regardless of how people accepted the news of Catwoman and Batman’s engagement, it’s a great way of soothing the hurtful feelings by bringing Catwoman to fight her own way to defeat a personal villain in Catwoman #1. Catwoman #1