Catch all the ‘Pokemon’ digital manga from Viz Media

Viz Media launches the digital library of Pokemon manga titles. The release roll-out began last week and will continue each month through the start of 2019 on Viz’s official website, the Viz Manga app, and partner platforms including Nook, Kobo, Kindle, iBooks, comiXology and Google Play. “The bestselling Pokémon Adventures have captivated readers of all ages. This extremely popular series features action-packed story arcs inspired by the video games. We’re thrilled to now offer fans access to their favorite stories and Pokémon in digital form,” said Viz Media editorial director Sarah Fairhall. Pokemon Adventures manga is written by Hidenori Kusaka with art by Satoshi Yamamoto. Here is the planned line-up through January:
  • 24 July: Pokemon Adventures volume one to seven – Red and Blue
  • August: Pokemon Adventures volume eight to 14 – Gold and Silver
  • September: Pokemon Adventures volume 15 to 22 – Ruby and Sapphire
  • October: Pokemon Adventures volume 23 to 25 – Fire Red and Leaf Green, Pokemon Adventures volume 26 to 29 – Emerald
  • November: Pokemon Adventures – Diamond and Pearl/ Platinum volume one to 11.
  • December: Pokemon Adventures – Heart Gold and Soul Silver volume one to two.
  • January: Pokemon manga movie adaptations.
Pokemon is the loved international entertainment franchises of all time. With the first seven volumes Pokemon Adventures now available, there are more to come according to the schedule above.